Top 6 Key Issues that Will Define the Outcome of the US Presidential Election in 2024

The Ukraine conflict


The candidates might talk about how they want to help Ukraine. This might be military support, economic assistance, and humanitarian assistance.

Race and identity


In American politics, race and identity are becoming increasingly prominent themes.



Candidates must address voters’ concerns about immigration, particularly the effects on the economy, national security, and culture.

The Supreme Court


Court is poised to make a number of significant judgments, including decisions on abortion, gun rights, and affirmative action.

The COVID-19 pandemic


Candidates must address voters’ worries about the epidemic, such as the availability of vaccinations and cures, the economic implications of the pandemic, and the government’s involvement in responding to the pandemic.

The Economy


Candidates who can persuade voters that they have the best strategy to solve these concerns will have a good chance of winning the election.