Cristiano Ronaldo’s Anger Boils Over as Al-Nassr Crash Out of Semi-Finals

One of the most well-known footballers in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, recently made news following an incident that occurred during a match between Al-Nassr and Al-Ahli in the Saudi Arabian King’s Cup semifinal. During the game, Ronaldo, who was representing Al-Nassr, reportedly erupted irately towards his own team’s coaching staff.

One of the greatest football players in history is Cristiano Ronaldo. He has contributed to his teams winning many championships and has received countless individual honors, including five Ballon d’Or medals. Prior to joining Manchester United in 2003, Ronaldo spent his first few years in the professional game with Sporting CP in Portugal. At Manchester United for six years, he won three Premier League championships and a Champions League trophy.

One of the most prosperous football clubs in Saudi Arabia is Al-Nassr FC. Since its inception in 1955, the team has taken home eight league championships, four King’s Cups, and two Crown Prince Cups. Al-Nassr FC is well-known for having devoted supporters and is well-liked throughout the Middle East.

Cristiano Ronaldo, a footballing sensation, has generated controversy.
Al Hilal supporters provoked Ronaldo, who stroked his genitalia to make fun of them. A well-known Saudi attorney has demanded his deportation due to his inappropriate attitude.

Al-Nassr’s Defeat:

On April 18, Al-Hilal overcame Cristiano Ronaldo’s Al-Nassr in an exciting Riyadh derby. Cristiano Ronaldo was involved in a heated incident during the game as he was spotted touching his crotch in front of opposing fans. Many people found his gesture offensive, and it caused a stir.
The Saudi Arabian Football Federation’s Disciplinary and Ethics Committee recently made a decision in this regard.
Al-Nassr was assessed a 15,000 riyal fine by the SFA; this judgment is final. The penalty was imposed as a result of their players’ tardy entry onto the pitch at the start of the second half. Cristiano Ronaldo was apparently not punished by the committee for his alleged lewd gesture, according to GOAL.

The Saudi Arabian King’s Cup semifinal match between Al-Nassr and Al-Ahli was much awaited. The contest was tense the entire time because both sides were evenly matched.

According to rumors, Ronaldo became enraged at his own team’s staff throughout the game. Although the precise cause of Ronaldo’s outburst is unknown, several accounts imply that he was dissatisfied with the team’s performance.

Al-Nassr’s King’s Cup aspirations were dashed when they fell to Al-Ahli 4-2 in the match, despite Ronaldo’s efforts.

Committee’s decision not to penalize Ronaldo

It’s interesting that the committee relied on official television footage rather than recordings shared on social media platforms when making its judgment not to punish Ronaldo. This has sparked additional discussion about the committee’s procedures and the use of technology in football officiating.

Additionally, Ronaldo and Colombian player Gustavo Cuellar got into a fight during the game. After illegally tackling Cuellar, the Portuguese attacker was given a yellow card by referee Michael Oliver.

Notably, lawyer Nouf bin Ahmed disclosed his plans to report the superstar’s lewd gesture before the decision was made.

Sensitive Injury Coverup To Clean the Ronaldo Name

Despite criticism, Al-Nassr downplays Cristiano Ronaldo’s gesture.
Al-Nassr claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo had a groin injury in an effort to quell the mounting controversy around the forward’s lewd gesture during the tense Riyadh derby.

The club’s board gave the following details to journalist Muhammed Al-Enezi, who on Wednesday issued a statement (via Mirror):

“Ronaldo sustains a wound. He began their match by striking the Al-Hilal player Gustavo Cuellar in a particularly delicate location. This information has been verified. Fans are free to believe whatever they want in regards to their justifications.”

The fact that Ronaldo did not receive a fine or a more serious punishment from the SFA will please the club. Al-Nassr is in second place in the Saudi Pro League standings, three points behind of Al-Ittihad, who are currently a game in front of them.

Cristiano Ronaldo was prosecuted, found guilty, and punished for once slapping a little boy’s phone out of his hand.

Following Tuesday’s 2-0 loss at Al-Hilal, Cristiano Ronaldo sparked controversy by making what many saw as an offensive gesture. Al Nassr has responded by defending the player.

As Ronaldo left the pitch, some Al-Hilal supporters began to abuse him. In allusion to Ronaldo’s well-known rivalry with Lionel Messi, chants of “Messi, Messi” were directed towards the 38-year-old, who looked to reply by grasping his crotch.

On social media, the event soon gained widespread attention as many fans expressed displeasure with Ronaldo’s treatment of his own team’s employees. Additionally, several supporters backed Ronaldo, claiming that he was only dissatisfied with the team’s performance.

Following the incident, Ronaldo apologized to both his supporters and the Al-Nassr personnel. He admitted that he had a strong passion for football and that occasionally his feelings overcame him, but he said he was focusing on keeping his emotions under control.

Football fans are talking about the incident involving Cristiano Ronaldo and Al-Nassr’s crew during the semi-final loss. Some supporters have criticized Ronaldo’s actions, while others have defended him. Whatever the situation, it’s obvious that Ronaldo’s fervor for the game occasionally gets the better of him. Ronaldo will need to exercise caution in the future because he is one of the most well-known athletes in the world.

Why did not Ronaldo take the penalty Al Nassr?

19 March (Reuters) Al-Nassr came from behind to defeat Abha 2-1 on Saturday in the Saudi Pro League thanks to a magnificent long-range free kick from Cristiano Ronaldo, who did not take the winning penalty as a show of respect.

Is Al Nassr eliminated?

Ronaldo’s first campaign in Saudi Arabia is likely to end without a title after Al Nassr was shockingly eliminated from the King Cup at the semi-final stage on Monday.

How many goals has Cristiano Ronaldo score in Al Nassr?


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