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Join us on an extraordinary adventure, where every step leads to new discoveries and every route unveils the beauty of our surroundings. Whether you seek thrills in the difficult terrain or tranquilly in the calm sceneries, our professional guides are ready to lead you on an excursion unlike any other.

Come immerse yourself in the charm of the outdoors, where every breath is full of adventure and every moment exemplifies the spirit of discovery. Our next adventure awaits you; will you heed the call?

Shanku’s Water Park: The Ultimate Summer Destination for Fun and Thrills

Shankus Water Park The Ultimate Summer Destination for Fun and Thrills - all rounder blogs 1

Welcome to Shanku’s Water Park, Ahmedabad’s top place for limitless fun and exhilarating water activities. Shanku’s Water Park guarantees a memorable experience, whether you’re looking for a cool respite from the sweltering summer heat or an exciting day out with your family. This water park has it everything, from thrilling water slides to calming wave pools. Let’s go into the specifics of what makes Shanku’s Water Park a must-see attraction.

Thol Bird Sanctuary: A Journey into Gujarat’s Natural Paradise

Thol Bird Sanctuary: A Journey into Gujarat's Natural Paradise

Discover the Thol Bird Sanctuary in Gujarat, India, a well-known paradise for birdwatchers. Explore the many bird species, the peaceful lake, and the surrounding countryside. Immerse yourself in wildlife photography and marvel at the majesty of migrating birds. Visit this beautiful sanctuary near Ahmedabad to witness the miracles of environment conservation.

Maniar’s Wonderland: A Thrilling Amusement Park Adventure in Ahmedabad

Maniars Wonderland A Thrilling Amusement Park Adventure in Ahmedabad - all rounder blogs

Discover the thrills of Maniar’s Wonderland, Ahmedabad’s greatest amusement park. Prepare for an exciting adventure filled with rides, water park fun, and snow park thrills. This amusement park is ideal for families and thrill seekers, and it provides hours of pleasure for everyone.

Activities for Kids’ Summer Camp: Four Fun Activities

Activities for Kids Summer Camp Four Fun Activities

The majority of children in India look forward to their summer vacations since they frequently get to spend time with their families or go to summer camps. These camps provide kids the chance to have fun while being watched over by adults and participate in a variety of exciting games that encourage creativity and support personal development. The top kids’ summer camp activities are listed below.

How to enjoy a summer vacation without going over your spending limit

How to enjoy a summer vacation without going over your spending limit

According to a recent Bankrate survey, the majority of Americans (63 percent) are likely to take at least one vacation this summer, despite the fact that the vast majority (80 percent) are changing their plans owing to inflation. The most typical changes are,
choosing less expensive lodgings and/or places (29 percent, up from 22 percent the previous year)

Cheaper activities are being used (28 percent, up from 23 percent last year)

fewer days spent on the road (up from 19% last year to 26%)

reducing travel (increased from 25% last year to 26% this year)

Driving instead of flying to their destination (increased from 16% last year, to 26%).

Summer Vacation in Saputara: Travel Plan and Places to Visit

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In Gujarat, India’s Dang district is the lovely hill town of Saputara. Saputara is a well-liked summer vacation spot because of its scenic beauty, agreeable climate, and rich cultural heritage. To assist you in creating the ideal summer trip itinerary, we’ll include some of the top Saputara tourist attractions in this article.

Best Places to Visit in Summer in Gujarat: A Guide to Beat the Heat

Wilson Hills

Summer in Gujarat might be oppressively hot, but there are numerous locations to visit to beat the heat and have a fun-filled summer holiday. Gujarat has something for everyone, whether you’re searching for a hill station escape or a fun summer camp for kids. Here are the best spots to visit this summer in Gujarat. … Read more